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I received my first inquiry from a HIRA Manufacturer member with a potential opportunity...it was great to see the process in action early on in my tenure with the group.
W. Harlan James
New HIRA Rep Member


  "When I started 6 or 7 of my rep groups were HIRA members. All 15 of my rep groups are now HIRA members. Networking through HIRA allowed me to find a qualified, highly skilled, and successful sales rep whenever I needed to complete my sales coverage throughout the US.  In those 15 rep groups I have approximately 40 sales reps for same price as 3 direct sales people. It's an absolute no brainer in my mind. "

Michael Verni
Director - North American Sales
Moog Medical Devices Group/Hospital Products and Manufacturing Solutions


"As a manufacturer with independent reps, I find that HIRA is a very helpful resource.  At the last HIRA Annual Conference, I found the information very valuable in running our group.  I also got some great insights from managers at other companies which are using independents reps. 
HIRA also offers with the membership a free legal consultation.  I found Adam, the attorney working with HIRA, to not only have expert knowledge but a nice balance between the legal and business perspectives.
And, of course, it is a great place to recruit and screen for independent reps who know the medical markets."
We are glad to be members.

Jack Sheehan
Director of Sales, Distributed Products
Joerns Healthcare, LLC



The 3 Wisemen

2011 HIRA National Conference
Nashville, TN







Paul Derham

Paul Derham, CSP
Focus Medical
2011 HIRA National Conference
Nashville, TN







Mark B. Leahey - Mr. Leahey is the President and CEO for the Medical Device Manufacturing Association {MDMA}, a national trade association in Washington DC that represents medical technology companies. Mr. Leaheys responsibilities include advocating on behalf of the entrepreneurial sector of the medical device industry to Congress, the Food and Drug Administration{FDA}, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid[CMS}, and other federal agencies.

He has lobbied for a more reasonable user fee for smaller companies, worked to open access to the hospital marketplace by challenging the exclusionary and anti-competitive nature of certain large group purchasing organizations[GPOs}, as well as ensure that medical device technologies are reimbursed adequately.

Mr. Leahey currently sits on the Medical Devices Committee for the Food and Drug Law Institute[FDLI] and the Editorial Advisory Board of Medical Products Outsourcing. He is a member of the Massachusetts Bar and a graduate of Georgetown University, the Georgetown Law Center and Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business.