Manufacturer Membership

Downsizing... but you still need a strong sales force? Tired of turnover in your sales force? Need to effectively get a product to market? Want to take advantage of multiple-line selling? Need help finding the most professional field sales personnel?

We can help!

The Health Industry Representatives Association exists to further the function and professionalism of independent sales agents in the health care marketplace. This means HIRA's efforts are focused on matching manufacturer's products with the right sales agencies and markets.

Independent Manufacturer Representatives (IMR) Offer

  1. Immediate entry into a territory
  2. They make regular calls on customers and prospects
  3. Provide quality salesmanship
  4. Their cost is a predetermined selling expense

Independent Manufacturers' Representative (IMR) vs. Direct Sales Force

  Manufacturers' Representative Direct Sales  Force
Training     Enter the field quickly, minimal training Time consuming, costly
Type of Selling     Sales staff are specialists in selling Sales staff are product specialists
Experience     Vast experience in the territory and industry Variable
Developing New Sales Opportunities     Have a built-in following in territory - can hit the ball running Takes considerable time
Cost     Only paid percentage of sales - predictable Total cost of employee


Discount Co-Exhibitor Space
HIRA contracts an exhibitor booth each year at tradeshows like Medtrade and AORN. We then offer our manufacture members co-exhibitor space in our booth at a dramatically reduced rate (as much as 65% off the cost of and independent booth). By exhibiting with us...You not only save on the cost of the booth fee, but HIRA takes care of the carpet, table and chairs.

Member Directory (accessible with membership)
Representative Membership Directory - the #1 source used by manufacturers looking for independent sales representatives. It is searchable by last name, market or territory.

Manufacturer Membership Directory - searchable by comapny name and market

HIRA Annual Conference (HIRA members attend at a reduced rate)
Our annual conference offers something for both the manufacturers' representive and the manufacturer. 
It's 2 1/2 days filled with industry speakers, educational workshops, networking and manufacturer exhibits.
A great way to stay up to date with industry changes.

Line Available Ads (available to members and non members)
Looking for representation? Maybe you just need to fill a specific market or territory.  Our online form offers space for contact information, product description, territories open, markets you are trying to reach, commission rate and whether it is an established line or needs to be pioneered. Interested rep members are instructed to contact you directly. 

Ads are posted to the HIRA website on the Tuesday after they are received and sent in an email blast (1x/week) for a period of 30 days.

Free to HIRA members (1 per membrership year)
$200 - Non HIRA members
*Non Members will receive a $200 credit if they join within 30 days of posting an ad

Place an Ad

Specimen Contract (available to members only)
Offered to guide you and your legal counsel in preparing an agreement between your company and your chosen representation

Member Only Benefits
HIRA continually seeks to upgrade its various member benefits.

Interview Questions  (available to members only)
A list of interview questions to assist you in selecting the right representation to fit your needs.

Manufacturer Member Application