Service Providers

The goal of the HIRA Service Provider Program is to assist HIRA members in commercializing their products. Each HIRA Service Provider has years of real-world experience in medical devices and life science technology ranging from capital equipment, disposables and surgical technologies, to invitro diagnostics and related services. Our innovative approach includes: strategic and tactical planning, product development and launch, technology assessment, project management, coding assessment and code applications, mergers and acquisitions, regulatory affairs, payer evaluations and distribution system development. Many Service Providers offer a consultation session at no charge to HIRA Allied Members or Independent Manufacturer’s Representatives. Thereafter, a fee-for-service engagement agreement can be negotiated, based on a defined scope of work, timeframes and responsibilities.


Each member of the HIRA Service Provider Program is an independent contractor or business owner. The Health Industry Representatives Association does not assume any responsibility for the outcome of discussions or actions with a Service Provider. The following Directory of HIRA Service Providers offers more detailed information on our Service Provider’s qualifications, experience and areas of expertise.