Outsourcing Sales

Rather than hiring an expensive, direct sales force, hiring experienced, established independent manufacturers’ representatives is often the best alternative for new and established companies. Some distinct advantages include:

  • Immediate market access
  • Broader, deeper penetration
  • Multi-skilled sales professionals
  • Industry experience
  • Stable, knowledgeable, territory loyal sales partners
  • Real market and territory intelligence through product synergy
  • Training required only on product
  • A partner vested in the product’s success
  • Long-established customer relationships

Dollars & Sense

  • Benefit from predictable, flexible costs related directly to level of sales
  • Save on overhead and complex human resources costs
  • Avoid legal exposure to local employee laws and regulations

Customer Benefits

  • A solutions approach to your product involving related products in the context of building & maintaining strategic alliances
  • Time efficiency of multiple-line sales presentations
  • Access to new and unusual products
  • Trusted, consistent, personalized sales support

Business Profiles

  • Independent businesses
  • Single or multiple sales people
  • Specialized, versatile & diverse
  • Defined, exclusive territories
  • Portfolios of synergistic products
  • Professional sales skills
  • Field specific expertise
  • Contractual long term relationships
  • Partners in profitability

For access to independent representatives in the healthcare industry call the Health Industry Representatives Office at (303) 756-8115.